Wir stellen unsere beiden letzten Neuzugänge vor …

Den Anfang machen wir mit Katie Adamson aus Nelson in New Zealand. Katie is 26 Jahre, Mittelblockerin und hat den Master in Bioengineering.
„I have always considered coming to play volleyball professionally in Europe. It’s a great opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge of volleyball as well as being immersed into a new culture and travel to new places.
I hope to learn from the players and the coaches and contribute to the success of this team. It was a pretty quick decision so I don’t know what I expected coming in, I knew it would be a lot different from NZ, but so far I am really enjoying getting to know the girls and the language and playing a new style of volleyball. I am excited to see what we can achieve together „

Und weiter gehts mit unser zweiten Spielerin aus New Zealand.
Mit der 22 jährigen Nicky-Grace Moana Pio kommt eine Außenangreiferin/Diagonalspielerin zu uns nach Perg.
„I’ve wanted to play volleyball profesional ever since I touched a volleyball. It has been my dream to come over to Europe and play volleyball. So when SG Prinz Brunnenbau Volleys contacted me I knew I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. Coming over here I didn’t really know what to expect as this was my first time in Europe, so far I know we train most days and go to the gym, we have games on the weekend with rest days, I’ve also had to learn a lot of German. The hardest part is learning another language. This team has so many people who are willing to help us and I’m happy I have the chance to play on this team.“

Welcome to Perg and to the team SG Prinz Brunnenbau Volleys!!

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